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December 16, 2004
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PermissionResearch is a division of comScore, Inc., one of the nation's largest Internet research firms, boasting more than 2 million members worldwide. Our goal is to help companies understand digital content trends and patterns so that those companies can give people like you what you want. TV networks use rating services that collect data from sample populations to determine the most watched programs; then they decide which shows and commercials to air. Similarly, the businesses and media organizations rely on services like Permission Research to understand how people view and interact with content on the Internet and on TV. PermissionResearch panelists help influence the content and services that are available on the Internet and offline as well.
How it Works?
In order to participate in this research community, we ask that members install software on their computers. This research software monitors the community member's Internet activity, allowing PermissionResearch to develop an understanding of how they and the members of their household use the Internet. In addition, PermissionResearch may occasionally invite its members to participate in online surveys that are designed to help companies understand the member's attitudes and interests on a wide variety of topics. Participation in these surveys is optional.

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11950 Democracy Drive Suite 600
Reston, VA 20190 United States Is it Legit or Scam?

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